MapOut means to plan or design. We dont understand architecture/urban planning as just the final result of a process. We see them as the process itself. In our current society, our role has gone beyond the scheer object. We architects and master planners are more strategistis than anything else.

Our partners combined have more than 25 years of experience in the global market. Together they have developed ambitious projects in 4 continents and 16 different countries.

At MapOut everyone has a voice. Although, hierarchy is needed, we give a chance to everyone to speak. We believe that the design process enriches when more people has the chance to give their word. We believe that the design process should be multidisciplinary.


What does great people have in common? Everything they do there is a reason behind. They have a goal. They do have statements.We at MapOut Archictecs found on arhcitecture and master planning a way to understand society and respond to its needs.


We believe that nowadays architecture and master planning has fallen into the realm of genericism. That means, all around the globe we will find similar projects. An efficient residential plan, has a formula everywhere. We believe that the key element to make a project unique, is the user experience. A unique user experience, alligned with efficient designs is our response for a world which is profit based and every day more personalised.