The proposed memorial is suitable for the three master plan options. Instead of being plugged to a given route, it operates as an alternative one. A memorial, as its precedents events on this site, has to alter the landscape. The history of this site is told by its landscape.

Official data says that the war events in Pointe du Hoc and its surroundings counted for more than 4500 casualties. In order to grasp the magnitude of these events, there will be placed one column for each soldier that lost the life in those days.

The memorial fills the gap between the original and the war landscape. The rectangular columns (120x20cm) will emerged from the preserved level of the war landscape and they will be as tall as the original landscape + 120cm, creating the memorial landscape. By raising the original landscape the visitors will be able to grasp the size of the memorial in its totality.

The memorial will be a gigantic immersive maze where visitors will interact with it in their own subjective way.


    La Pointe Du Hoc, France

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    MapOut Architects